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There's nothing like discovering your dream home.

Melanie Anthony

Whatever you are in the market for, you need an expert who understands the value of your home and neighborhood. Let me be your ally and help you navigate the market.

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I was raised in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado, brought to Texas on a golf scholarship to TCU in  Ft. Worth and moved to Austin just as soon as I could in 1995.  From golf pro to real estate, with a stint at raising my family of five, I have been associated with real estate since 2006.

While millions of Americans buy and sell homes annually, the transaction can still be daunting.  Usually, a person’s largest purchase, the selection process, offers of acceptance, financial and legal qualifications and navigating the market are the most important reasons for selecting a qualified realtor.  

My role is to make this process not only seamless, but enjoyable as well. 

My husband and I have owned a specialty lumber and building materials company for the last 14 years, with a focus on outdoor living. This not only has continued to fuel my passions and desires in the home building and interior design industries but the real estate industry as well. 

The year 2020 was an incredible year of change in homeowners needs and wants.  The resurgence of home offices, family gathering spaces, outdoor living, work-out rooms, all contribute to a vastly different environment.  On top of that, Austin leads the nation in home appreciation, which makes buying a home in today’s market additionally challenging. 

Now more than ever, you need someone to trust through the process and be a new friend when it is over. I feel that buying and even selling a home is not only about this  process but the relationship. 

I am committed to helping you either purchase or sell your home and would be privileged to assist you on your real estate journey. 

Now is the BEST time to start! 


Ready to answer any questions as we navigate through the contract, inspection, appraisal, survey & much more.


Moving can be a stressful situation, but I promise to make it as easy as possible to ensure a positive experience.


Creating maximum exposure through a property website, virtual tour, e-brochure, text-for-info code, video & much more.


With years of market experience I can help you sell your home quickly for the highest price and then find the right new home.

I'm Here To Help

If you are ready to start your buying or selling process give me a call. I'm happy to answer all your questions.